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On 5th October 2016

Dr Al-Shaikh Chooses invisalign for himself

So the time has come for Dr Alex Al-Shaikh to take time out of his busy schedule and begin some dental treatment of his own. Although many may disagree he has never been completely happy with his smile and decided to straighten his teeth with Invisalign. 

Although having worn traditional metal braces when he was a teenager unfortunately like many of our patients he did not wear his retainer and his teeth have moved back into some of the older less pretty positions. 

I'm sure it will be another great result as are all of our braces cases that we see daily. 

If you are thinking of having your teeth straightened or interested in your options come and see us for a free consultation. Call 0113 281 8873. 

See you soon! 

On 26th November 2015

Dental Phobias are more common than you think!

Many patients come to us stating that they have not been to visit the dentist for many years and are often scarred by a previous bad experience.

Here at Alexandra Road Dr Alex Al-Shaikh and his team pride ourselves on making every patient feel as comfortable as possible. Dr Alex Al-Shaikh is excellent in treating nervous patients and has been highly commended for his calming and relaxing manner.

Often many patients put off coming for the fear of being told bad news but more likely than not things are probably not as bad as you might expect.

If you would like to arrange a free consutlation to chat with Dr Alex Al-Shaikh please do not heistate to contact as once you have taken this first step you will be clsoer to having your mind at ease.

Call us on 0113 281 8873 or fill out our 'request a callback' form. We look forward to welcoming you to Alexandra Road Dental Practice Soon.

On 28th August 2015

Join Denplan & Save Money

Here at Alexandra Road we understand that you deserve the best dental care but sometimes paying for each appointment can feel like a burden. Denplan is a great option where you can receive the private treatment you require at a discounted rate or included in a monthly plan.

Our denplan essentials plans start from £12.50/month and include dental check-ups and hygiene visits to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth with a 10% discount applied to necessary dental treatments. Comparing this to paying for each of your appointments on a private basis shows that you will save approximately £40-50/year.

Our denplan care plans start at £16.21 and include all dental check-ups, hygiene visit and all necessary dental treatment. This is our most popular plan which puts you at ease when visiting us as any treatment you may requires is included in your monthly plan.

To find out more about either of these great options please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 281 8873 or pop in to speak to a member of our team.

On 10th April 2014

Same Day Smiles

Alexandra Road Dental Practice is one of the first Yorkshire clinics to offer a full mouth dental implant treatment, all completed within one day. 

The system works by removing all of your existing teeth and placing 4 implants in the top jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw.

Once this has been done we can attach a set of new teeth to the implants right there and then.

You will be give the whole clinic for the day and the team will consist of our highly experienced implant dentist, Dr Kishore Kumar, our principal cosmetic dentist Dr Alex Al-Shaikh and our lab technicians who will also be onsite to make any modifications to your new teeth that are needed.

This is a ground-breaking service and here art Alexandra Road we stay at the forefront of dentistry by providing the most advanced techniques.

We will ensure that you are very relaxed and comfortable throughout the day and will even provide a chauffeur to collect you from your home and return you and any family members once the procedure is complete.

If you would like more information please call us today to book your free consultation on 01132818873.

On 31st January 2014

Fastbraces...Fast, Fixed, Affordable!

Dr Alex Al-Shaikh is on his way to becoming a master affiliate using the revolutionary system, Fastbraces.

This system is a fixed brace which can either be metal or clear. The system works by applying a very small force on your tooth to straighten your teeth efficiently and safely. It is the new technology that fastbraces has created to allow this to happen.

Most cases are completed within 12months, which is ground-breaking in comparison to the older conventional train-track braces that can sometimes take 2-5 years!

What's even better is that due to this new technology most cases can be treated without any extraction of teeth! The technology has been developed thanks to fastbraces and we would like everyone to be able to benefit from a safer, non-extraction faster orthodontic system.

You might be thinking if it so fast what happens when we take the brace off, will the teeth move back to there crooked position?

The answer is no! Fastbraces works by lining up the roots of your teeth so that they always in the perfect position. Once the root of your tooth is in the right place then the crown of your tooth (the part you can see above the gum) definitely is in the right place and therefore they won't move back.

Because this system works so quickly you will need less visits to see us and that's why we can offer very competitive prices.

Book a free consultation today...01132818873.

Innovative dental care and cosmetic excellence.

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