Teeth Whitening. Teeth Whitening is the most requested cosmetic treatment in the world!

The guide:

Why Have Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening can: remove tooth stains both on the inside and outside of the tooth. It is suitable for patients with:

  • Discoloured teeth
  • Teeth which do not match in colour (canines may be a lot darker/ damaged tooth may look darker due to changes within the blood supply of the tooth)
  • Teeth that require whitening for pre-veneer treatment (as light reflects off the underlying tooth)

Who does tooth whitening?

Dental professionals. You should NOT take impressions of your own mouth because accurate impressions are crucial. It takes months if not years for dentists to develop the ability to take high quality impressions. High quality impressions are crucial for the accurate fitting of whitening trays to prevent gel leakage which can irritate the gums.

Beauty salon/hairdressers providing tooth whitening treatments are very unreliable. They do NOT have the ability to diagnose the cause of tooth whitening and prescribe one of the many forms of tooth whitening systems around. They often tend to use one system. Each patient is different in their needs and each patient requires an accurate diagnosis for the dentist to prescribe the correct tooth whitening technique and strength of whitening agent (hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide)

Who SHOULD Do Tooth Whitening?

Dental professionals only (Dentists, hygienists/therapists and qualified nurses). The dentist will always prescribe the required technique and then hygienists/therapists and qualified nurses can then perform their duties (take impressions, explain all the advantages, side-effects and provide the necessary instructions).

What Options Do I Have?

There are many advertised but listed below is our range of whitening services, which we believe to be the best:

  1. Home whitening
  2. In-surgery whitening: Zoom power whitening
  3. A combination of Home whitening and In-surgery whitening
  4. Individual tooth whitening using whitening pens

Who is suitable for Tooth Whitening?

Patients who have good oral health and have been given the OK by the dentist. A full dental check-up is required to ensure that there are no cavities, gum disease, broken or leaking fillings and to determine what tooth whitening is suitable for you.

Which Option should I go for?

This will depend on: how quickly you want the tooth whitening, your lifestyle (whether you want to do it at home for 2hours every day/wear trays while you sleep) and your budget.

Does Tooth Whitening Hurt?

Some people can experience extreme sensitivity from the tooth whitening gel. This can often be perceived as pain and may prevent you from finishing all of the gels that you have been given by your dentist.

It can also be advised to use painkillers when you whiten your teeth if you do experience severe sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Success Rates

Home tooth whitening studies show that it tends to last for 2years. Top-ups are then required to maintain a bright, white smile and this is normally done using your customised teeth whitening trays and tooth-whitening gel. The amount you will require to top up will depend on your diet as those who have more tea/coffee/red wine or smoke will find the shade of the teeth will darken again sooner.

In-surgery tooth whitening on its own does not always produce lasting results so is not recommended on its own.

The best short term results are without a doubt achieved using a combination of Home tooth whitening and In-surgery tooth whitening.


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