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Dental fillings are used when sugar from foods and drinks have caused dental decay. By removing the decay and replacing with a filling your tooth will remain healthy and avoid a potential infection from developing in the nerve, which can lead to an abcess. 

Dental decay can normally be easily detected by looking in the mouth and by using small x-rays.

Once you have had your full assessment one of our clinicians will inform you of any areas of decay and recommend the appropriate treatment.

We will also focus time on education to avoid new decay from beginning in the mouth in the future and to prevent your fillings from leaking.

Dental Amalgam

This material has been around for many years and it is the traditional silver colour that is associated with dental fillings. Amalgam is a strong material however has started to go out of favour due to the colour. It is still a useful material and can be used well in certain circumstances where other materials may not perform aswell.

Tooth-Coloured Composite

This is an advanced material that is tooth-coloured and can blend into your tooth so that noone will even know it is there. It is bonded to the tooth using a special dental glue and therefore can be used in teeth that are heavily broken aswell. 

Temporary Fillings

Sometimes a temporary material may be used on your tooth to fix it before another appointment if more time is required to do the permanent filling. Often the temporary materials are quite strong and have a sedative nature so that they stop any pain from the nerve of the tooth.


We have been providing professional dental treatement to a very high standard for years. Here's what a few of our patients say about our service:

"I have been going to Alexandra Road Dental Practice for 15 years and couldn't think of a bad thing to say, from the second you walk in to the time you leave you feel safe and welcomed, the staff are fantastic and highly skilled in what they do, I would never go to another dentist after coming here." Valo Connors
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