Fastbraces® . Says what it does on the label - Fast and Effective Fixed Braces!

The guide:

What are Fastbraces® ?

Fastbraces® is an advanced technology that allows teeth to move by placing very low forces which makes them move remarkably faster when compared to the traditional braces.

The patented triangular brackets (come in clear and metal) are bonded to the teeth and as if by magic the teeth will begin to move.

The way the system works is by using a wire which pushes the teeth into a perfect curve.

Will they work for me?

Everyone's case is different so Dr Alex AL-Shaikh would see you for a free consultation before he can let you know if you are suitable. Fastbraces® can treat 80% of all orthodontic cases. We offer free consultations so if you would like to book your give us a call on 01132818873.

Do they hurt?

Fastbraces® new technology is much kinder to your teeth than the traditional old style braces. The forces that are applied are much lower than the traditional braces and therefore are more comfortable. There may be some initial discomfort when the brackets are applied but our team will go through all the correct instructions with you.

If they are so much faster does this mean that the teeth will move back after you stop wearing the braces?

This is a common question. The answer is no the teeth will not move back after taking off the braces because we will supply you with the correct retainers. With any brace system you will need to wear a retainer for life. The great thing about fastbraces is that this new technology ensures that the roots of your teeth are all in the correct position and therefore the top of the tooth (the part you can see above the gum) is also in a very stable position. The retainers only need to be worn for 15minutes a day which is about the length of most peoples showers so we call the retainers tooth shampoo. 

If the technology is so new how can I trust it?

This is another common question. The technology was actually developed over 20 years ago. This system has been used widely in the United States since then and has treated millions of patients. However they have only recently started educating the rest of the world and we are one of the first providers in West Yorkshire.


We have been providing professional dental treatement to a very high standard for years. Here's what a few of our patients say about our service:

"I have been going to Alexandra Road Dental Practice for 15 years and couldn't think of a bad thing to say, from the second you walk in to the time you leave you feel safe and welcomed, the staff are fantastic and highly skilled in what they do, I would never go to another dentist after coming here." Valo Connors
"Very pleasant from seeing receptionist to dentist and back to receptionist. Treatment painless. Very pleased with all treatment, teeth look great!" Laraine Denise Burton

How much does it cost?

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