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Current Treatment Prices

  • Dental

    Routine/Initial Examination £49.50
    Implant Consultation with Implant Dentist Free
    Intra-Oral Radiographs £10
    Extraction £95
    Surgical Extraction £175
    Wisdom Tooth Surgical Extraction £295
    Small Composite Filling £82
    Composite White FIlling - 1 Surface £105
    Composite White Filling - 2 Surfaces £140
    Composite White Filling - 3 Surfaces £160
    Cosmetic Bonding From £125/tooth
    Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth £300
    Root Canal Treatment - Back Tooth From £450
    Full Gold Crown £650
    Full Porcelain Crown £650
    Porcelain with Metal Crown £550
    Porcelain Veneer from £650
    Direct Composite Veneer £300
    Lab Made Composite Veneer £350
    Fully Porcelain Bridges £650/unit
    Porcelain Bonded to Metal Bridges £550/unit
    Full Dentures from £550/arch
    Valplast Flexi Dentures From £850/arch
    Partial Acrylic Dentures From £550/Arch
    Metal Partial Dentures £650/Arch
    Dental Implant £2000 (including final crown)
    Lower Implant Retained Denture Using Two Implants From £4000 (includes denture)
    Upper Implant Retained Denture From £8000 (includes denture)
    Implant Retained Bridge From £2500
    Same Day Full Mouth Implants £14000/Arch
    Zoom Teeth Whitening - Take Home £250
    Zoom Teeth Whitening In Office Zoom + Take Home Kit £350
  • Preventative Dental

    Hygienist 20min £48.50
    Hygienist 30min £69.75
    Hygienist 40min £93
    Hygienist 1 hour £135
    Periowave £125/Syringe
    Teeth Grinding Nti Splint £350
    Sports Mouth Guard £70
    Fluoride Trays £150
    Cosmetic Stain Removal - Airpolish £55
  • Preventative Dental

    Inman Aligner Orthodontic Treatments From £1500/arch
    Invisalign Clear Aligners (7 Aligners) £2500
    Invisalign Clear Aligners (14 Aligners) £3000
    Invisalign Clear Aligners (More than 14 Aligners) £3500
    Invisalign Teen £4000
    Fastbraces (Fixed Metral Brackets) £2400 (inc Upper and Lower arch)
    Fastbraces (Fixed Tooth-Coloured Brackets Upper Arch & Metal Brackets Lower Arch) £2900 (inc Upper and Lower arch)
    Fastbraces (Tooth-Coloured Brackets Upper and Lower Arch) £3400 (Inc Upper and Lower Arch)
    Fastbraces for Teens From £2400 (inc Upper and Lower arch)
  • Skin

    Chemical peel £60/peel
    Microdermabrasion £20/session
    Botox - 3 Areas (50 units) £150
    Dermal Fillers £200/syringe (1ml)
    Lip Fillers £150 (1/2ml) £200 (1ml)
    Tear Troph Filler (Dark Circle Treatment) £250

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